Tommy Bahama Tahitian Tuna Salad

Tommy Bahama Copycat Recipe

Serves 1

Citrus Vinaigrette and Soy Glaze:
1 ounce orange juice concentrate
1/2 ounce key lime juice concentrate
2 tablespoons orange liquor
2 tablespoons raspberry vinegar
2 tablespoons soy sauce
2 tablespoons white vinegar
1 cup canola oil
pinch of orange zest
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup honey
1 teaspoon olive oil

Tuna Salad:
4 ounces Ahi tuna
blackening spice
olive oil
2 ounces baby arugula
2 ounces baby spinach
1 ounce pickled green papaya
1/4 ounce radish sprouts
1/2 ounce picked ginger
2 tablespoons  sweet soy glaze
2 tablespoons wasabi aioli (oil)
pinch of toasted black and white sesame seeds

Vinaigrette and Soy Glaze: Thaw orange juice concentrate. Combine all ingredients except for the oils in a container. Using a mixer, slowly blend oils into the dressing. Store in container in refrigerator. For soy glaze, mix soy sauce, sugar, honey and olive oil together until honey and sugar are dissolved. Store in container in refrigerator.

Salad:  Place blackening spice on a tray, Take Ahi tuna portion and roll in spice, covering all sides except the two outside sides on each end (this will enable you to judge which way to slice the tuna). Once all tuna has been rolled in blackening spice, it is time to sear. In a smoking hot saute pan, add a little oil. Sear tuna on four sides for 10 seconds each - total of 40 seconds. Place in cooler until ready to slice. Toss the arugula and spinach together with the citrus vinaigrette.

To Serve:  Place arugula and spinach already tossed with vinaigrette on plate. Layer the sliced Ahi tuna on top of the lettuce mixture, fanning it out. Drizzle in a criss-cross pattern the sweet soy glaze and the wasabi aioli. Combine the sprouts and papaya and place on top. Place the pickled ginger on top and sprinkle with the sesame sees.

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